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Important reasons to get your windshield replaced

If you’re wondering if you need to replace your windshield or if you can wait, then the following information can help you make an informed decision in Long Island. The current damage you have may be able to be repaired but sometimes, even minimal damage will require replacement. Cracks are one of the best indicators of a needed windshield replacement. And of course, you’ll get tips on saving money. You’re about to learn how to avoid the pain of spending too much on a replacement windshield as well as knowledge to know for sure if you need a replacement.

The damage you currently have might not be repairable. Some chips can be fixed to stop them from spreading but certain types of damage or even where the damage is located on the windshield can’t be repaired. This may be due to safety concerns or just practicality. Of course there’s also damage that’s so bad that there’s no way to repair it. Certain types of small damage are also surprisingly not repairable. Also, the damage may be located in a place that it can’t or shouldn’t be repaired. Let’s talk about windshield cracks and how to read them.

All cracks signal a required repair. And if you have a crack of any length that is located within 3 inches of the edge, the windshield should be replaced. Cracks near the edge are especially susceptible to bumps and vibration and a piece of glass with a crack near the edge is much more likely to break unexpectedly. Remember, your windshield is a safety feature of your auto. Just like a seat belt and an air bag, it is designed to protect you. Any crack weakens the glass and makes it less likely that it can do its job. Now that we’ve covered cracks let see how to save money when you decide to replace your windshield.

You can save money with a little planning. If you get your windshield replaced in Long Island, the best way to save money is to have the glass company direct bill your insurance. Once you’ve picked the company you want to use, give them your insurance information and have them make contact with the insurance company ahead of time. You want to make sure they do this before you go to get the windshield replaced. Your insurance may recommend an auto glass company to you. But don’t use them without confirming that they won’t be charging you any out of pocket expenses.